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ilina bhatia, (@durgqa) is a young, nyc based visual artist and filmmaker (writer/director). her work tackles her question of overall identity as a first generation south asian american, her role as a human in society, and is also used as a way to process her life and events around her. 

In addition, she is the founder & editor-in-chief of VATAN MAGAZINE- a WOC/QTPOC centered annual print & online magazine– which is part of the larger collective VATAN. A VATAN Fashion Line is launching in 2020. The 3 main goals of this collective is to (1) get interviewed and featured artists payed (2) donate all remaining proceeds to community organizations aiding brown/black/indigenous peoples and (3) decolonizing a white washed art history.

Tamanna pt. i
once queens, now witches
origins chapter i. birth

lucknow. august 2017.

phone no 646.460.7173  I

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